KP Management is a group of likeminded female business owners that invest in businesses, communities, and social causes.

What We Are About

Founded in the early 2000’s by successful women business owners, our objective is to help others succeed by providing capital, labor, and consulting resources in a non-judgmental and collaborative environment. Learning from years of trials and tribulations, KP Management brings real world experience that can be difficult to learn without the proper guidance. We make the promise to do all we can in earning your trust and bringing your business to see its full potential.

How Does It Work

KP Management seeks those opportunities where there is some market share, but due to restraints, business owners are not able to monetize their sweat equity and capital investments. That is where we come in. We sign confidentiality documentation to keep you and your business comfortable, and then take a deep dive into your business. We understand that confidentiality and secrecy is of the utmost importance for you, your vendors/suppliers, customers, and employees. KP Management takes every step to ensure this balance is not interrupted.

In our experience, we find that most companies have a “champion”, someone with deep knowledge who we depend on as our business liaison, and we do our best to work almost exclusively with our champions to not disrupt employee work flow. We know what it’s like to have a needy boss! KP works with our contact(s) to identify any deficiencies or missteps in sales, marketing, operational environments, IT, Accounting, Finance and Board/Management, and propose solutions.

Now it’s decision time, we can choose to work together in overcoming roadblocks. Where we negotiate a fair percentage of your business for our services, help your business grow, and KP Management remains involved in a consulting capacity.


We create an exit strategy for you to move onto a new chapter in your life. Rest assured, we have gotten to know you and your business by this point, and in 2 out of our last 3 acquisitions have kept existing management and employees in the roles where they have been successful.

either way

KP Management is in it for the long haul. We are not a venture capital group that flips businesses based on investor needs. KP invests with a rather small fund that the partners control, which means we work harder on our investments to help them to grow.

Areas of Investment

KP Management provides expertise and resources in a variety of industries

Office Staffing

Executive Recruiting

SAAS Technology Platforms

Logistics & Logistics Technologies

Courier & Delievery Services

Retail Fulfillment

Specialty Food and Beverage Distribution

We are located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, however, we have provided services in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and of course our home state of Florida.

Our Partners

Collectively we have 65+ years of experience in various capacities. We are an Office Staffing Executive, A Distribution Financial Executive, and small business owners, that bring a vast knowledge of business to your company. Many years of experience in the IT fields and having managed retail and fulfillment operations, one of our biggest passions is Supply Chain Efficiency.

Contact Us

500 SE 17th St., Suite 230,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Giving Back

KP Management helps businesses achieve financial success. And, while that may be the first step in the equation, that is not the end of the story. We believe without making social investment in good causes one will not ever be fulfilled. We share our success with local charities, food banks, and communities to make this world a little nicer every day we are here.